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Peace Avenue (Александровский проспект)

Peace Avenue (Prospect Mira) is the main street of Vladikavkaz. 

In different years it was called differently: Nesterovskiy Boulevard, Aleksandrovsky Avenue, Proletarsky Prospect, Stalin Avenue. 
The Avenue was laid in the 40s of the 19th century and for a long time it was called Nesterovskiy Boulevard in honor of Lieutenant-General Petr Petrovich Nesterov, the first commandant of the fortress.  
The Avenue was designed in such a way that the roads from it led to the most important facilities. From its beginning to its end a pedestrian boulevard was laid with trees and benches stretching over 1 km. 
In 1871, after the visit of Tsar Alexander II to Vladikavkaz, the avenue was called Aleksandrovsky. 
Almost all the buildings in the avenue are the monuments of architecture and culture. Each building differs only in its inherent architectural detail, peculiar brickwork, color scheme, patterned balconies, wide windows, turrets and spires. 
Until 1917 there was practically no administrative institutions on the avenue. There were only prestigious hotels, restaurants and shops of the city. 
On the southern side, Alexandrovsky Avenue was enclosed by Mikhailovskaya Square. Now - Freedom Square. 
The entrance to the park, which was laid in 1870, is from the avenue. The park was considered one of the most beautiful in the Caucasus due to the combination of a park landscape and a view of the snow-white mountains. 

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